Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Room in Transition

This room is the Before in a series of before, during and after posts from my own home's bedroom redo projects.

It has most recently been serving as a bedroom for two lovely preteen girls. It's story began with an addition to our existing home 6 years ago. The garage was bumped out making room for another room which was originally going to be a play room for 4 small children, infant to 6yrs at the time. After a year or two of trying to house toys that were played with and left all over the main living spaces, it seemed more logical to use as a bedroom.

We purchased bunk beds from Ikea and our oldest two moved in. They were 6 & 8 at the time and the color pallet was much more subdued.

Being that budget is a major factor for us, I made use (begrudgingly) of what we had. This room was an exercise in frugality. The dresser, lamps and bookshelves were repurposed from other areas of our home and I began working on changing Husband's mind about painting the lamps and dresser. I have yet to be successful so I simply imagine them to be perfect until I purchase replacements.

This desk area was modeled after one seen in Martha Stewart Kids a number of years ago making use of two bookshelves that were not being used and giving the girls their own workspace (second chair not pictured). Now the room is to be strictly for our eldest, who started High School yesterday. Tomorrow I will show you where we are in it's transition.

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