Thursday, July 03, 2008


{Ikea, Hedig fabric}

{Ikea, Sofia fabric}

We are reconfiguring bedrooms in the month of July. Our oldest is entering High School and we have decided to give her her own room and see how it works out. She and I have been looking at fabrics and duvet covers and have come to the conclusion that these two fabrics from Ikea (my favorite place on Earth) will look fantastic with the light pink walls and Parisian theme prints already there. The flower print will be a duvet cover and the stripes will be floor to ceiling drapery. I am pleased to add color and keep it glamorous (before & after photos to come).

Next on the agenda is finding a scheme for our 11 year old and 6 year old girls who will now be sharing a space.


karina said...

I want to see the final results in photos!

A-M said...

Oh that's going to look absolutely fabulous...feminine but funky! ... and oh so bright and happy... a wonderful environment for a teenager. Can't wait to see photos. A-M xx

Deborah said...

What about the babushkas you posted last month?
Or maybe just build around the imagine poster. Either way you'd have a good, funky color scheme that would fit both of them. What do they say?

karyn said...

Yes, all three girls are pretty excited. The younger girls are leaning towards a funky glam too, maybe with tons of polka dots. It'll be fun to see what we end up with. I'm struggling a bit with furniture placement right now but working it all out in my mind. I know it will all come together and I am reminding myself imperfection can be part of the fun of a child's bedroom.