Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Front Yard Garden

I saw my first true front yard vegetable garden while on vacation this week. I've seen tomatoes grown in flower beds but never an all out garden. I was immediately intrigued being that I had just been reading a little on this exact subject via's Walking blog. The question there was yeah or nay on the front yard garden.

It has me thinking; from a neighborhood standpoint, I think that I would love to see front yard gardens. I'd know that my neighbor and I could talk plants and probably recipes too.

From the standpoint of tending a front yard garden, I'm not as sure. I have a hard enough time worrying about the neighbors behind me thinking that I'm nuts when they have to hear me in my postage stamp garden going on and on to the children and then to Husband about our latest news there, let alone being visible too.

I do plan to check out Edible Estates, by Fritz Haeg and see how it shapes my opinion or lack there of on this subject.

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