Wednesday, July 16, 2008


{Inspired Nesting, Groundwork by Danna Ray}

I've been back to being a stay at home mom for two weeks and have spent every minute arranging and rearranging our space. I am now at the point now where I am driving myself and the rest of the family crazy.

{N for Nest, Boston Bag Lady}

Please say you know just what I mean, where something is out of place in nearly each and every room because the purpose and placement of each object is dependent upon the changes made to another space. I have twin mattresses on the floor in hopes that a free frame will turn up any time, a blank white canvas staring at me on the wall in the living room, and have only found our kitchen table today after 2 days of mess.

{Whimsical Wire, Funkyshique}

The worst part (of course) is that it all looked mostly alright to begin with so other than the switching of the bedrooms to add peace and harmony to our lives, why do all the rest?!

{Little Bird Nests, Rustiqua}

I just know that in the end it will be perfect, for now.

{all items shown in images are available at Etsy!}

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