Monday, July 14, 2008

Pottery Barn Style

There for awhile, Pottery Barn was getting pretty hum drum. I was beginning to worry that I was loosing a source of design inspiration. But then...

the last few catalogs have been full of new style! I've shown just the black and white images that caught my eye from the August catalog but there was much more to see.

I found a nice mix of classic and modern spaces with great room set ups to emulate in addition to an impressive bathroom color combination of turquoise and orange and a green bathroom that took my breath away. I love the art work used in the top photo and the use of many living plants through out the catalog. If only I could keep any of them alive.


A-M said...

Oh I love it all. I wish we had the big PB down here. Loving black and white. Plan to do the black and white thing in our study... when we have a study, when we have a house... when we START our house... am I whinging?... no!.. just needing to vent tonight! Thanks for your visits down my way. Love to hear from you. A-M xx

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Having gotten my new catalog yet, but can't wait now! These are great rooms. I especially love that big huge lamp in the last photo!