Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Seasonal Story

Our local strawberry stand opened last week, which in our family signifies the beginning of everything good. It all starts with strawberries, then cherries, then peaches and on through the spring and summer seasons with a new fruit or vegetable coming back to our table after a lengthy absence, one after the other. We are ready.

As far as strawberries are concerned, we are sustained between seasons by freezer jam. Our supply is low so I know that next week, with a term paper deadline out of the way, I'll be making freezer jam to replenish our dwindling supply.

My grandparents canned much more than jams and I've been wanting to learn for myself just how to do all that they did. The new book, Canning & Preserving, looks like just the reference to give me the confidence to get to it.
Design Sponge, Jayson Home and Garden via Elle Decor

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Debacled said...

Oh, I need that! I can't wait for berry picking and I got my first strawberries of the season in my Full Circle box yesterday.And then snow on my car this morning.