Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Talk

I've been too busy lately to get out into my garden (please note, the garden shown here, is not mine). I really want to put in the rest of the summer vegetables but it will have to wait. Sunday. I think. How about you, how are your gardens growing?
American Feast


Brittany said...

Bundles of Basil!

Charlotta Ward said...

How wonderful! Spring is so great!

Here in Australia it's Autumn and I see the gardens starting to slow down and come to peace. Not the explosion of life and colour that we get in summer.
Mostly I find myself raking, sweeping and picking up leaves and falling branches.. :)

x Charlotta

compulsively compiled said...

Mmm, basil. I never knew how necessary it was in the kitchen until it was available in our garden. Then we were using it a lot.

Charlotta, that's always a bitter sweet time. I'm usually kind of okay with the garden winding down after summer but I know I'll miss it after a while.