Friday, April 02, 2010

Interest: Texture

Such a pretty room. I'm most in love with the bedspread. The bedroom of my eldest is going through a transformation at the moment & this is just what we've been working on coming up with, a simple duvet with some texture for interest.
Skona Hem


Angie said...

My youngest's room is going thru a transformation. Not as soothing as this one though sigh.... ;)

Fabulously french said...

Love this room - the wallpaper, the bed all perfect.

Leeann x

Charlotta Ward said...

I agree on the duvet - so lovely! Want to snuggle up in that bed right now having had a very fun-filled and active Easter weekend.

Good luck with the room you are refurbishing. I hope you share the results with us.

Darling, I hope you have seen the award I have nominated you for. I'd love it if you accepted it as a sign of gratitude from me for the fantastic blog you write!
It is waiting for you over at mine..

xx Charlotta

sarah, flourish design + style said...

What a gorgeous, cozy and soothing room! Loving your blog, your images are so inspiring! xoxo

compulsively compiled said...

Charlotta, thank you. I will share as soon as I finish. The only problem, finishing is not my strong suit but we are plugging away at it all as I actually decided to do all 3 of the kids rooms at once. But the changes are simple ones.

mn said...

oh WHERE did they get that tulle light covering? so girly. i love it.