Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm so very curious about what might be behind this lovely door and I wonder about the people who might walk through it each day. I wish it was me. I love it's beautiful imperfections.
Native Kee


Flick, said...

Oh it's lovely! Now I'm itching to see inside too... Just imagine the scrumptious old gorgeousness hiding in there!!

nativekee said...

hi there...
thanks so much for coming by & posting such a sweet & happy comment at nativekee so I could meet yours as well!!!
& i LOVE that door so much, I remember posting this a while ago now, & it still remains a fave!
nice to meet ya :)

compulsively compiled said...

Flick, I know you are right about this!

Native Kee, your blog is my current favorite. It's so intellectual in an unassuming way. I love it.

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh yes!
Imagine how it must have been in it's prime time..

Loving this.

x Charlotta

mn said...

I would so choose that door for my house! I love it.