Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Rebelion

Who says you have to use frames and what do they know anyway?! This looks good and much less expensive. Just head to the used book store, find a beautiful book of images and start tearing.
Zesty Nest, Southern Living


Charlotta Ward said...

As sad as it is to destroy books, they do look fabulous in forms other than just bound..

Pinching photo no 2 and linking back to you. Fab pic!


Sarah said...

Oh these are gorgeous. I love them both. Not sure if I could do it to a book, but still. Have you seen the site Olde Good Things? You'll love it!

compulsively compiled said...

Sarah, you are right, I do love the link. Thanks!

heather jenkinson said...

Re: First photo - that's a really clever idea! I was just thinking 'where did she get that wallpaper...'