Sunday, March 07, 2010


Friday was fabulous, thank you for all your good vibes, they worked wonders. I have to tell you that one of my favorite things happened that day, I was introduced to a new, lovely plant, the Staghorn Fern. This plant is new to me. I had never noticed it before but upon walking in to a friends patio, and seeing the most interesting plant, I asked her, "What is the plant you have here that looks like antlers?" As you can see, it is very appropriately named. What's even better is that her husband is going to start one for me so I'll soon have my very own. Plants are my favorite things. Especially when they are shared by friends.


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

stag horns are cool - my nana used to grow them for years and years. brought back memories of when i was a little girl and i'd go to stay with her on school holidays, and i'd sit out in her shade house and watch her tend to them and start new ones.


compulsively compiled said...

Jules, nanas are the best and I think that school holidays with nanas are the times that mold us into who we are to be.

purple area said...

Beautiful fireplace!!