Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Time

My favorite time of year, time to start planning the summer garden. Over the weekend I worked in the "Constant Garden", adding to and improving the asparagus bed and weeding around the artichokes. The winter garden has some small and promising progress so I'm hoping that the onions and celery will wrap up their cycle soon. In the meantime, I'll review the successes and failures of last year's summer crop and plan accordingly so that next month I'll be ready for planting. Yeah!


Sarah B said...

Hi, I am in the opposite cycle, planting a few winter things and working out times for my summer plantings based on how things grew over the last few months. It's so rewarding!

Kerry@tranquiltownhouse said...

Here in Australia we're ripping out the last of the summer crop and planning for winter. This is the first time I've had a veggie patch so would be grateful for any winter plant tips! Agree with Sarah rewarding to watch the plants grow and then eat something you've nurtured.

compulsively compiled said...

Well, this was my first time trying a winter crop and overall, I did poorly but I consider it to be my learning year.

Onions, garlic and sugar snap peas have all done well.

I planted too late so all of my broccoli and cauliflower went straight to blooming instead of food production. So,my advice is plant early!

Happy planting.


LindsB said...

I would love if I had room for a garden at my apartment, unfortunately for me its only pavement and concrete around my place. Maybe one day!!