Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Natural Wonder

There are many hawks in our area and I am fascinated by them. I've *spotted an amazingly large nest belonging to a hawk on the route I take to school. Each day, either as I'm headed out or on my way home, I anticipate what might be happening at the nest when I drive by. It's so exciting when I see it occupied by it's owner and I'm certain I'll see babies one of these days. It really is one of those little things that makes life so interesting.
House Beautiful

*I wish I could show you pictures but my camera is no good.


COCOCOZY said...

Great living room photo. I like the hawk painting too!


Brabourne Farm said...

Aren't they the most amazing creatures! We have small kestrel that sleeps on our roof for much of the year - it's very timid and I get such a thrill every time I see this beautiful wild creature. I loved your comment about your grandparents' glass collection - how wonderful to have something so precious and so loved. Leigh