Monday, June 30, 2008

The Growing Grounds

The Growing Grounds is another of my favorites. It's a tiny garden outlet with lots of charm.

This little store is actually part of something much larger. It is the outlet store for Growing Grounds Farms, a wholesale grower that supplies plants to many local nurseries and participates in an adult vocational program for a mental health program offering paid positions to people with an open case with the counties mental health department. They strive to empower their employees and teach them new skills.

Through the Growing Grounds Outlet store and farm, they provide the area with beautiful plants, garden supplies and (more importantly), vocation and socialization opportunities for people with mental illness.


All Things Blue said...

Oh no - I feel a strong urge to up and pack my suitcase at once (and pack light...). I could easily fill my 'export' quota from the pics you've shown so far.
BTW, I've added you to my 'blog-stroll'.

karyn said...

all things blue, I'm limited to small purchases with six traveling by car unless I decide to pay for shipping. This is probably a good thing, having a bit of a limit. There is so much to be found here.

Thanks so much for adding me to your blog-stroll. I'm honored.

A-M said...

Oh it looks beautiful. I would love to get lost in there for a while. A-m xx