Monday, June 16, 2008

How Bizzare

I really like these towels and I'm pretty sure that they match the green on my bedroom walls. They might be perfect for the master bath.

The towels in our linen closet are embarrassing. They are fraying and worn out at the edges but I haven't found any that I like enough to replace them with. Now when I think about this it seems quite a bit absurd. I can't find towels that I like so we keep using ones that are worn! Is that rational? No!

I recently took a trip to Target and perused the four aisles of towels that they have to offer. Four aisles! I settled for two sets in taupe and copper. I brought them home. I decided that that they weren't going to work quite the way that I had envisioned in the store so I took them back. When I went back I left them with the clerk to exchange. I had purchased them on sale. I went back to the towel area and began my search again. Nothing! There was not one set of towels that said 'Take me home. I'm the one.' The same towels came home again. Once at home, again I couldn't do it. And so in the end, the towels were returned to the store and we were left with the old threadbare. How ridiculous! Yet this is my life.

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