Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's (K)not Wood

I am in a state of shock... In preparing for today's post (see below) I typed faux bois into my Google search engine and was amazed to see that there is an entire blog dedicated to all things faux bois. This is fantastic! It's (K)not Wood began in December 2005. December 2005! It amazes me to think that there are so many items to post about and most of them are fabulous.

A friend has been dreaming of chairs just like these.

Whose table wouldn't be perfect with dishes like these for a Thanksgiving feast?

{Martha Stewart Catalog}

I think that I have a new favorite!


A-M said...

Hi Karyn, Lovely of you to stop by my blog and leave a little note! Yes it's groovy stuff isn't it, that faux wood! A-M xx

karyn said...

a-m, It's not until you find a blog like this (k)not wood that you realize just how much there is! I don't own a single piece. I'm thinking that the garden pieces are best suited for me.