Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update Project Room Redo

Here finally are the during photos or a series of before, during and afters from a room redo in my own home. This is bedroom number 1 of 2 in transition. It belongs to our eldest daughter who has just begun High School. Her loving sister graciously offered to move in with our youngest to give her sister her own room (in hopes that the same will one day be hers). We made use of what we had as well as we could to keep costs down with the exception of a new double bed, we were fairly successful.

Shelves once used above desk are just as functional above the bed, saving mother from having to fill holes and touch up paint. Now they can begin to be filled with fun things like vintage cameras. The original plan was to use fabric from Ikea for the bedding until we came across this pre-fab bedding that Kylie fell in love with, as did I being that it saved me tons of time and effort.

Hideous gold lamps were replace with ones similar in size, shape and style in a better finish,

pink chairs from previous desk set up are now arranged in a mini dr. office set up for visiting with friends along a lack side table which won't be missed from area of the house where it was taken.

We will add more travel type mementos (maybe a silver vintage trophy) to this bookshelf, black 1/2" check gingham curtains in front of the blinds, add a few more things to the wall under the clock and behind the bed and be finished! We (Kylie and I) are very happy with this space and are enjoying the process.


Taddie Tales said...

Beautiful!!! How wonderful this turned out and what a lucky girl to have a room all to herself. Looks like you guys worked hard to make this such a pretty space.

Only a matter of time til the younger one will be in there changin' it all up.

A-M said...

Oh happy daughter! I would have killed to have enjoyed a beautiful bedroom like this when I was young and gorgeous. Fantastic use of items you already had. I love the 'no waste and new life' motto! A-M xx