Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My first extra credit assignment was to choose two pictures of current interior design trends. As soon as the assignment was given I 'knew' just what I would be using as my examples,
Pottery Barn color and an all white kitchen like this fantastic one recently featured at Colonial East.

Once I was home and ready to get to work on the assignment though I wasn't so sure. What about Natural History art prints, the resurgence of houseplants, garden inspired decor, eco design? The list goes on and on. I did make a decision when it got right down to it.I went with glam kitchens made oh so chic by marble counter tops, checkerboard floors and of course that chandelier.And, really is there a larger trend right now than animal inspired decor, maybe sea inspired? I do love the zebra print and wouldn't mind the wire art piece either.

It's fun to sit back and think about the way I might look back on my current decor choices in another ten years.
Southern Living, Laurel Ulland, Pottery Barn,


A-M said...

What is the goss with interior design trends... is the New England/Hamptons style becoming more popular? I have both kitchen photos you posted in my inspiration folder. I based my current kitchen design on them! A-M xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

I love the kitchens you chose - the hexagonal tiles in the first kitchen look spectacular. Its interesting to think we are decorating traditionally or classicly yet in ten years from now we will probably hate it...we just have to enjoy it now.