Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Style Conflict

{an ad for Domino pre-Domino}

Above is the feel that I am wanting to create in our master bedroom; fun and sophisticated yet casual. At the same time I am in a constant design struggle within myself because what I buy is eclectic country. Now there is nothing wrong with having a Pottery Barn style other than the fact that what I really want is Domino Style and it's eluding me. As an example; an excerpt from a conversation with self about the item below.

"I WANT it. I'll buy it. It will be perfect. I'll put it right above the headboard in our room. What did I decide about the headboard?... Blue twill fabric (25 yards upstairs for abandoned upholstery project) that's right. Why haven't I started that?!"

"No,that's not the direction I want to go in. There's nothing masculine to balance the room; a zebra print couch, green walls, the bird print. Husband will hate it. What about the..." and on and on it goes.

I know when it comes down to it, in all likelihood I'm going to break down and buy it and I'll probably love it.

{Pottery Barn}

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