Thursday, May 01, 2008

Check It Out

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I have recently had what I consider to be a superb revelation; cookbooks can be checked out at the library and perused prior to making a commitment to buying. For me there is a bit of risk involved. I am notoriously late with returns. My record fine is $30 with a close $25 recently! I do feel that I am fulfilling a necessary public service though in providing this financial support.

'The New Vegetarian Epicure'
by Anna Thomas really is a fantastic cookbook. I brought it home in my stack of books this week. Recipes are given in sets as meals; each including dessert. All of the ingredients are natural and seasonal. There are hundreds of simply elegant dishes presented in this collection. My family and I have decided to make our first sampling of the recipes a dessert, Apple Pudding. I know I'll be making a commitment to buy this cookbook. Check it out.

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