Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Before & After

Our dinning/kitchen has come so far. When this photo was taken, it needed help! Husband didn't have the good fortune of having me as a wife when building this house and much time had passed between the initial build and decorate and this photo so first things first, the dusty rose wallpaper with stripe and small flower motif had to go. I diligently took it down.

{Convinced Husband that this was the perfect wall color.}

{Each piece of furniture was carefully selected from Ikea. }

Now, this is probably my favorite room in the house. We spend much of our time there and it suits us well. Something that always amazes me when I am looking back at old photos is how the room seems so much larger now that it has more stuff in it. That just contradicts logic but it's entirely true.
This room has improved so much.

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