Monday, September 28, 2009

Temporarily Beautiful

I'm going to run out this morning and buy two rosemary plants for $5 each. I'm going to put them on either side of my kitchen sink and love them until they die. I know that it won't be too terribly long but plants in the kitchen are my favorite. I can always replace them. They are sure to last longer than cut flowers.

Remember the Cottage Living featured home with the young couple who downsized? They had spiky rosemary in their kitchen and it was dreamy. And, look at this space! It's just a natural fit.

{Unkown, Skona Hem}


Beach Vintage said...

And it smells ever so lovely. If you plant one outside (like me) and just pick a few sprigs here and there and place them in a vase its just lovely too.

compulsively compiled said...

Oh, good idea!