Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Clearance Sale

I'm a red tag kind of girl. I try to appear as if I'm not headed straight to the back clearance rack whenever I walk into a shop. So, when on line, and I read the words, "Clearance Sale", I click. Here's what I found this time, Abby Try Again the photo shop. Veggies & friendship, food & flowers, Abby Try Again has a great photo of it and they are on sale. Check it out.

She also has two (yes two!) great blogs to add to your daily reads if they aren't on that list already. abby try again, the blog & this is not my work.

*If you happen to read this long after the date it was posted, go anyhow, these prints are well priced and worth every penny.


The Whispering Creek House said...

ooooI love this! thanks for sharing i went straight there and how cool are these prints! And the prices are perfect! thanks for sharing!

Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing. I like a little quirkyness here and there. Lovely stuff.