Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Final Decision

It's been decided, we are going to go with grey when we repaint the exterior of our house next month. A grey. Not the one that it is right now which is very light. I want to go just the littlest bit darker and add white trim. We have no window casings, the window surround is silver metal so I'm thinking that white trim will make that feel better. Not to mention the fact that grey and white are superb together. My long term goal is for the addition of shutters. I was thinking black but now I'm really liking the yellowish ones in picture #3. Yellow paint lasts much longer than black. {Country Living, Pigtown Design, Domino}


A-M said...

You got my vote. LOVE grey. I am a grey, grey, grey girl! It's going to look FABULOUS!.... go the yellow too! A-M xx

The Consummate Hostess said...

Love the design scheme! Good luck.

Brabourne Farm said...

Fabulous idea - dark grey and black houses are my very favourite colours. Finished photos please! Leigh