Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Little Whistle

When we (siblings & I) were kids, one of us got lost while camping. It was frightening to say the least. The search was over just as the National Guard began to arrive. Ever after we had to wear whistles around out necks whenever we went off alone just in case.

The one who was lost just had her 30th birthday. On her birthday she started a trek from California to Alaska by car, where she will live for a year. I couldn't decide what the perfect thing was to get her so I didn't get her anything. Now I know. She's in the wilderness. She's far from home. She needs a whistle.

*Update-She loves it! Apparently everyone in Alaska wears whistles in case they get lost. Who knew?!
{Necklace, Sea Unicorn}


vicki archer said...

Great story...I hope she wears it, xv.

debacled said...

Oh my GOD, I can't wait til it gets here! I've been putting off buying one but you really are supposed to wear one if you go hiking (and bring bear repellent and a survival kit). Now I'll have a super cute one! AND I might actually have friends to go hiking with now.