Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knock, Knock

Germi, can you come out and play?? Is there anyone who agrees that it's just been too long without the Germinatrix, plant & garden blogger formerly with Domino? If you know where to find her, please share. I know she has fantastic advise about interplantings and the like to help with my insecurities on the subject.

*Update- 4/2- She's back!


linux said...

Is it ur home. Great!

compulsively compiled said...

Isn't it pretty, Linux?! It's not my house however, it's the front of the home of the Germinatrix who had a garden blog for Domino magazine.

Germi said...

Karyn you sweetheart!

Why does that picture look better on your blog than it does on mine? See? We always want what we don't have! Even if it's ours!

Thanks for knocking at my door! I am so happy to come out and play - we're going to be getting dirty in the best way all summer! How fun!