Monday, March 09, 2009

Dedicated Space

{Martha Stewart for Valspar}

Our children sit down together each afternoon at the kitchen table to do their homework. Some are there for a few minutes, some are there for a few hours. These two dedicated spaces seem like they could be a nice quiet, structured space for getting things accomplished. The first image reminds me of the cardboard partitions that we put up on our desktops in grammar school for test taking. I love it. It would go along way towards putting a stop to arguments, at least the 'he's looking at me!' complaint would be foregone.


Tracy said...

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vicki archer said...

I love image number 1 - how fun is that partner style desk. Don't you love how children argue over nothing all the time?? Mine did, still do sometimes! Thanks for visiting French Essence - I am just about to watch B a T again, xv.