Monday, March 16, 2009


Last year when this I saw this photo in Traditional Home, I became obsessed. I had to have a pear tree like this one. So, imagine how ecstatic I was to find a bare root dwarf pear for less than $3 on clearance at Lowe's. It was the tiniest thing and I wasn't sure it would survive but it was worth it to try. There are four types of pear grafted onto one trunk; Anjou, Red Bartlett, Bartlett and Flemish Beauty. It has been in the ground for a year now and we are excited to see it beginning to bloom. In the course of a year it has grown 3 feet so I know that it will look like it's inspiration in no time at all (what's a few years in the life of a garden?).


Leigh said...

I'm also a big fan of pears - we started our garden 7 years ago and now have many large Manchurian, Snow and Willow pears. They are all pleached (hedges on sticks) and it's amazing how big they've grown in this time as they also were bare rooted.

compulsively compiled said...

Leigh, that sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

I am the recent owner of 58 acres in Charlottesville Virginia that has one pear tree on it. That tree must be 70 feet tall. About 30 feet taller than any pear tree has a right to be. My property is about 5 miles from the Thomas Jefferson estate, Montichello. In addition to the lone pear tree are two pre Civil War log cabins made of chestnut logs. Your blog about the grafted pear made me wonder if I could graft the big old pear tree. If sucessful I could give starts to all my friends thus perpetuating a really noble old tree whose fruit is exquisite. Thank you for a wonderful blogsite. Ann