Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Day

Oh, how I love change! Really. I know that there are many who abhor it. I am not one of them. I get to a place where it's a necessity.

At this moment, Husband is taking down blue tape from our main bathroom. It's been like a dream, never has this happened before. Husband said to me, "Pick the color and I'll paint it." What?! So, I did. I'd been scouting out the exact color in my head and realized on Monday that I was wearing it. My shirt was the exact shade I was looking for so I headed over to Lowes and started comparing swatches. It is close to the color above and it's perfect.

We changed out the black metal blinds (yikes, I know) that had been up for too long for faux white wood, ordered the print above and just have to figure out where to get this fabirc for the shower curtain for even less and it our mini makeover will hold me over nicley until the bigger things like tile, mirror and sink can be addressed. Yeah!!

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