Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Show & Tell

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to find a few perfect pieces. This is one of them. I've been looking for a tall dresser or armoire to replace my short one for ages . The wait has paid off. This one is almost 5ft tall and very wide, perfect for the space I have for it. It's old, well made and completely affordable at $75.

I'm thinking I'll like it even more if I paint it but I'm a bit leary of that project with all of it's angles. I've painted a couple of pieces of furniture before but it's not a project I look forward to, there's so much prep work. For now, I think I'll just sit with it for a bit, decide what color will replace the green on the wall that you can see poking out just a bit and go from there.


Debacled said...

Awesome! It's like the tall cousin of your old one. Will you still have a mirror on top or is it too tall?

compulsively compiled said...

You're right, Deborah, it does look like the taller, prettier, cousin! I don't think I'll go with a mirror on top. It's very tall. The one I had on my old dresser had to come down a long while ago. I got tired of the need to bend over to see my face.

We moved the old one upstairs temporarily under the TV. It looks SO much better!

Finds said...

Hi again,
This is lovely.
Do you think that new or different pulls would be the solution that you are after. It is lovely.

compulsively compiled said...

Finds, you may be on to something. There were very pretty ones at anthropologie today but with so many of them (12), I think I'll go a more economical route. Maybe I'll make a trip to the Habitat ReSale store next week. Thanks.