Friday, February 27, 2009


1. While I do really like the bag, I love the frame in the background more and doesn't it look like it just has glass and nothing else in it? I like that. {Pravania}

2. I am totally in love with these dolls. They are adorable. I don't know if there's anything more that needs to be said about them. Go take a look at the rest of them. You'll like them too. {Simpli Jessi}

3. Pretty vintage earrings at a great price. I may just treat myself. {Dibabeads}

4. A moss hanging initial, what a fun and simple idea. {SimpleSweetDesign}

5. Custom made house slippers that are ever so fashionable. I'm the kind of crazy person who's clothing ensemble has to match even at home so...{elephant and chickpea}


kathryn said...

Those dolls are incredibly cute. The one with the glasses and scarf reminds me of my middle sister for some reason. Stranger the one with the beard featured here makes me think of my oldest sister in character for some plays we put on as kids. If only I had a child I would give them these dolls. If only I had that green outfit I would give it to my oldest sister

compulsively compiled said...

Kathryn, what a nice sister you are!!