Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Immediate Gratification

And because I always have more than one plan working at a time, here's a picture of the direction I want to take our front bathroom. It was the first room I painted, baby blue. The kids were young, it was cute. Pottery Barn goldfish themed. Now their not so young and I'm ready for a bit of sophistication in there. The problem. It's not just paint and a new curtain. I always want more, new tile in the shower and on the countertop, a larger sink and a beautiful mirror. Money is tight here just like it is in many homes right now so I'll continue to plan the major changes and in the mean time, I think I'll grab some fabric for a new curtain and a gallon or two of paint for some immediate gratification.

1 comment:

A-M said...

I would start with the mirror! It will change the whole look and you wouldn't have to hurry up the rest of the transformation. A-M xx