Monday, June 27, 2011


My sister's baby shower turned out fabulously, just the way I wanted. Here's what made it so....
1. Her beautiful backyard
2. Chevron striped sheets as table cloths
3. 15yds of bunting
4. Mismatched dishes and chairs
5. Pint size jars for drinking lemonade and sangria
6. Sunflowers


Karena said...

Looks like a wonderful time for all. I love the chevron sheets as tablecloths!

Art by Karena

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J said...

Lovely, warm & welcoming. Thanks for sharing... j

marisa said...

I was wondering where you got all the chevron....great idea using sheets!!!!

The Copper Pot said...

What a beautiful setup!!! Your sister is very lucky, and not just because she has a nice backyard ;)

Karyn said...

thanks ladies!