Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In a Nutshell

About Easter, it all worked out. I used brown and cream ticking stripe fabric as my table covers which will be used for various sewing projects now that Easter is over, making it doubly useful and therefore economical. My youngest sister brought more of her beautiful lilies which I placed in two french flower market buckets that are typically used in my office as wastepaper baskets. I was successful in my flower hunt, found orange(ish) ranunculus at Trader Joe's and roses in a similar color at Safeway. Each of these was put in old mason and juice jars which I keep on hand in large quantities exactly for this purpose. Used various flower patterned vintage china plates to serve dessert. Our menu consisted of all of our family favorites specific to this holiday. We do not vary the menu at all from year to year. It's perfect just the way it is. Forgot that I wanted to take a picture of the table to share here until it was not in good taste to do so. Maybe next year.


Marisa said...

The ranunculus are BEAUTIFUL! Those and peonies are probably my favorites. Love the idea of the ticking too!

Sarah said...

These are definitely my current favourite flower. I just discovered your blog via Pinterest and am excited to follow you! What an amazing compilation of beautiful things you share in this space!