Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sorted Out

A desk piece like this with all of the mailbox slots, would be so much fun in a large entry or just about anywhere for that matter. It seems like it could come in very handy for display or just for stashing.
Kabinett and Kramer via White and Wander


A Lasting First Impression said...

That would be so dangerous in my house...my hubby would fill all of those cubbies with crazy stuff, or my piles would be all spread out....I would never find anything! ; ) Love the look though!

Zesty Nest said...

Oh, this makes me so happy! I love cubbies!

Kat said...

Oh...I would love that! The things I could sort out. It would be fun.


compulsively compiled said...

Emily, I can never find anything anyway, at least I'd know where to start! And the idea of filling it up a little piece at a time. Exciting and mind boggling all at once.