Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We've been back in town since late Friday night and practically all I've done is laze around. Vacations are exhausting, fun as they are. I have been productive though, managing to read an entire book in three days like I used to before the internet, "Wednesday Sisters", which I really think is a good one.

Doesn't this bedroom look like a reader's paradise? The only thing I would change is to make a spot to sit up in bed, there's no where to lean. Oh, well. The wallpaper, the bedding, the art and the books are all fantastic. It just begs for whole days spent indoors, reading and napping between chapters. Which really would be a great kind of vacation to take every once in a while.
Houz via Succulant + Chic

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Kat said...

It really does look like a reader paradise.