Friday, May 07, 2010

Weekend Plans

Over the weekend, I plan to make myself the proud owner of the Target version of this spread and maybe even finish up the couch I talked about oh, so long ago so that I can show you pictures of it along with the garage sale headboard (also from far back) that has been covered and trimmed. Have a good one.
La Belle Vie


mn said...

Oh, I love that bedspread! Can you tell me where it's from or where you found the photo?

Debacled said...

oh my goodness, you found my room!

compulsively compiled said...

mn, the spread is from Anthropologie, I've added a link. I adore it. Especially in the raisin color!

Deborah, make yourself a note to think about which direction you want to put your paneling. Up and down or side to side?