Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Form or Function

There are many days (like today) when a beautiful vintage umbrella would serve more than one purpose. 1. Keep my dry. 2. Make me happy (to look at it, to use it, to have it). A small collection of them would even more fun. Of course that would make it necessary then to have a pretty vintage umbrella stand, wouldn't it?!
animal head vintage, LIFE


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

I have always alllowed myself a good quality large umbrella, and have had some beauties over the years. Wonderful things!

Angie said...

So true!! It's a shame that I never invest in a good quality umbrella! Then again here in Cali you don't get many chances to use it. It's finally sprinkling a bit here in SoCal.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Gorgeous images :)

Have only just found your blog (wondering which bucket of sand i've had my head in for so long - as your on a lot of my favourite blogs' roll).

Have had a lovely time looking through, and look forward to more!!

jules :)

compulsively compiled said...

Jules- thanks so much for the compliment. I look forward to visiting!

Anonymous said...

I love that umbrella in the first picture. I would love to get one like that. The funnest one I've found so far is a clear one, you can watch the rain fall onto it!

compulsively compiled said...

A clear umbrella is what started all of this! I'd especially love to have one of those. One that's really deep with scalloped edges that way all of the light from the grey day can still come in.