Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mix and Match

I am determined to build up the contents of my cupboards with pieces like these just for parties. Such variety. Such fun. Really, don't you just think that a big party using all of these pieces would have to be a good time?! To me, there doesn't seem to be any way around it. Oh, the conversation! I love a party.
City Sage, This is Not My Work


A Pretty Trip said...

I would love love love to own a tea cup collection like that!

Tracey said...

How perfectly lovely! What a party it would be indeed! It's be awfully nice to use them everyday too, just to add a little sunshine to your day!!!

:) T

Beach Vintage said...

Everytime I see a little mismatched piece in an op shop I grab it! I am building myself up a little collection now and use them daily.

Tess said...

This beautiful china evokes memories of my great auntie joyce's tea parties..she would put on the most amazing spreads of cup cakes, slices, sandwiches, and of course the very best china cups. Your entry has reminded me to revive this tradition..just need to find the china!