Monday, October 19, 2009

Garden Update

I'm hoping to pull out the summer garden *today in order to replace it with a winter one. We've only ever had a summer garden so this will all be new to us. I'm envisioning our crops all coming up at once and wondering what we will do when we have broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower all ready at once. Our locally famous nurseryman told me "stagger the crops; plant radishes every three weeks." We don't currently eat radishes but that's not going to stop me from planting them. Look at how beautiful they are.

Just last night we found a recipe for eggplant that we kinda like. Up until then, it's just been looking pretty out there in the garden. Occasionally it's shared with one of my sisters. Now we know we like it if even just a little and we'll be more apt to try something new.

*It's raining now so we'll see.
Martha Stewart

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Angie said...

Love this photo!