Thursday, August 13, 2009

Embarassing House Photo Included

Maybe this doesn't apply to everyone but for me, I spend every day in my own home and sometimes it's difficult to make decision about changes that will be as effective as I would like them to be.

Case in point, my fireplace. Up until a few weeks ago, it had a gold insert. Yes, a gold insert! It was horrible and I lived with it for nearly 10 years. "What is wrong with her?" you are asking right now. I don't know. There's really no excuse. But now, it can't stop there. The fireplace wall (and more than that I know) needs to be addressed. So, lately what I'm contemplating is do I paint the wall on either side of the brick? Do I throw a bunch of stuff on the skinny little mantle, put logs in the fireplace, wait until I can replace the carpet, metal mini blinds (I know!) and television stand?

As always, there are limitations. Things like cash and Husband's agreement. Little things like that. So, round and round I go with all of the options. I think this is the explanation for 10 years of the golden beauty. Now, of course, if this was a friend's house and she asked me what I suggested, easy. I'd have a solution. Not so sometimes at home. Yikes.


Heidi said...

Hello! you are speaking my language. See my post and my embarrassing kitchen photo. No money, or time or energy. I will think about your living room. Thanks for posting, Heidi said...

I just am so jealous that you even have a fireplace. I would just die for one in my home.

The Whispering Creek House said...

Paint it white girl!lol it would look great!

Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

Oh dear! That golden star does look rather out of place.

Just a suggestion but you could get rid of the whole upper area of the brickwork. Either paint it white as someone else said or plaster it. The excess brick doesn't really do much for your interior by the looks of things especially with that rather faux pattern work where the star is attached.

Then you can get a mantelpiece and acquire some nice wall art to go above. The closest image I can find to highlight what I mean is this:

Sorry, long link.

It should then make that complete area less heavy, more lighter and with possibilities to add a lot of colour. However, it would be quite an expensive option. Although you can probably find very cheap and simple wooden beams to act as a mantelpiece that can then be painted.

Wow, now I am getting excited over your living room. By the way, I am also a stickler for checking my sitemeter stats. ;-)

Karyn said...

Thanks to all for your understanding and suggestions!!

Heidi said...

Ok, I have studied it for a while now and if it where me, I would paint the firefplace the same color as the wall, it looks like a creamy color. Then you will have a fresh canvas that you can change over and over again. I would also trim out the windows and do some sheers so you still have the light but privacy. Just so ya know, my whole house is cream with white trim and I am always changing it when I get bored but I never feel like I need to repaint it. Fresh canvas. Good Luck, Heidi

Anonymous said...

Can you paint the brick? I finally got him to okay painting brick (like I was asking to break a law) and I have not looked back : )