Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking For

Finding butterflies just like these is my current obsession. Husband painted my bike, a garage sale treasure, and now it's a vintage cutie (I'll try to post a picture tomorrow). These butterflies may have been added just for the picture but I think it'd be worth a shot trying them on for good. If you know where I should look, do tell.


Beach Vintage said...

Butterflies always elude me. I see them and then they are gone.

compulsively compiled said...

It's true, Beach Vintage. Their wings move so fast that you can only get a glimpse but I do love them. This spring our backyard was part of a migratory path that monarchs were taking. It was amazing watching them pass through by the hundreds in a single day. Each one was only there for a second.

alice said...

Have you tried looking on Etsy?
I love the model's yellow chinos too!

Fabulously french said...

The problem is that they live such a short time.

I also love butterflies and are obsessed with tem at present. Inface I have just hung two butterfly prints in the hall of our latest project.

Happy hunting

Leeann x