Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A House With No Name

{Pantile Cottage from Math Paul's photostream @ Flickr}

This adorable home has a name. I want a name for our adorable home. I've been waiting for just the right one to come to me for a couple of years now. I've just shared this information with Husband this evening so maybe he'll come up with something. I know he'll be able to think of little else until it's decided.

*Update-I've mislead you...this is not my house but one I admire.


ia said...

what a nice blog you have! lots of inspiration..

Linda said...


How adorable your house is! It looks like it´s taken out of the movie "Holiday". That home is called Rosehill. Maybe you have a perticuler flower in the garden that could be in the name?..
I have the same problem, good luck!


compulsively compiled said...

Ladies your comments make my day!

Linda, that's such a great angle to go with and perfect timing as we work out our garden plans.