Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's About Time

Today I spent $39 to repair a $50 clock. Standing in the 'House of Clocks', amazed by the pieces there, I was reminded of the great gift of time.

When I was a girl, my grandparents had a grandfather clock in their entryway which was also the center of their home. I grew so used to it's chimes that I seldom used them to keep track of the time, the sound of the chime was a source of comfort. In their guest bedroom were wind-up alarm clocks, somewhat of a novelty to me as we only had digital at home. Their tick-tock put me to sleep when the night time in their mountain home was too quite for my city ear.

And so I developed a love of clocks. I have mentioned it before. In my adult life it began with a clock I purchased for my husband our second Christmas together and has grown quietly over the years. Last Christmas my middle sister received a Syroco clock from me as her gift. This year, my brother will most likely be getting a vintage Seth Thomas clock for his Christmas gift. It may be a banjo wall clock or a handsome tabletop alarm clock. Either way, I know that it will be a gift that I enjoy giving and he will appreciate receiving because each of the clocks that I have given as gifts have been as individual as their recipients which makes it so much fun.

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linda said...

I'm a clock loving girl myself and have thought many times about writing a post about it. I don't know when my love of clocks began but they are the first thing in a store that draws my attention.