Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Appreciation

Samantha Hahn. Love.


Miranda said...

It's been a while. Are you okay? I hope you're happily occupied with all sorts of interesting and beautiful things/people/events and that that is the reason for your absence of late.
Be well,

Karyn said...

Miranda, I'm ok, thank you so much for asking. I never intended to go so long without posting an explanation but I was having such a difficult time coming to a decision about putting an end to the blog completely or just significantly reducing the number of posts. I've decided to discontinue for now. Thank you so much for reading along. You are a treasure. I certainly don't like the idea that we won't be able to converse without the blog so please, drop me a line now and again if you feel so inclined. :) karyncompiled@gmail.com