Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fenced In

I adore the idea of hedges in place of fences. Not only are they beautiful but I imagine they are much less costly to maintain/replace. Our fence is slowly wasting away, maybe I should get planting!
The Blue Hour (a beautiful photography blog)


Miranda said...

So many things to consider here... hedges are lovely but I would think might actually require MORE maintenance (trimming) than would a fence. Cost-wise, it might be a wash, though there are so many different types of fences... hedges... so who knows? It's nice to have options. And good fences (and hedges) make good neighbors.

Karyn said...

Maybe so. I guess I'm thinking about the prospect of having to replace an entire fence and it seems like hedges just wouldn't need that. might just be a bit of wishful thinking. :)

Anonymous said...


I had a hedge at our previous 1920's home. It made a great sound barrier on our busy street. The only problem for me was cutting it. I had to use a ladder and electric clippers. My advice is to keep it low (fence height and have the bottom part thicker than the top) for maintenance. Another fun thing would be to add an arbor or gate combined with a hedge. :)

Martha B.

Miranda said...

You are absolutely correct, Martha B, about keeping the bottom of the hedge broader than the top! So many people do it just the opposite, and it causes two problems: the thicker top blocks light -- and therefore stunts growth -- to the lower part of the hedge, and in a snowy climate the snow piles up on the broad top and the weight can cause breakage of branches. As you can tell, this is a pet peeve!