Monday, February 06, 2012

What's In a Name

I've been dreaming of naming our home for years now. I think of it as Grey Gardens although I've never made it official and I'm not exactly sure what would make it feel official; maybe a prettier garden, shutters and a painted front door. Anyhow, this little cottage is called Bee Cottage which I love and the owner has great insight about how to let a home take on it's own personality. Here.

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Miranda said...

It's fun to dream up a house name. (Ours is nameless.)

Bee Cottage is lovely, though it's a bit on the 'decorator-y' side for me. I especially like the owner's advice: "If you don't know what to do with a particular room, be patient. It will eventually tell you."

I'm always amazed when I see people buy a place and -- sometimes even before they move in -- start making changes/'improvements' right away. I'm all for letting the house evolve over time, organically.

I'm sure you've seen the movie and the documentary about "Grey Gardens." I'm equally sure that your place is NOTHING like the squalid, raccoon-infested place depicted! They took wabi-sabi to a whole new level.

Anyway, good luck coming up with a name that suits you and your house.