Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learning Curve

I enrolled in a watercolor class this month with high hopes that I might be able to produce pieces like these (no, these are not mine) in no time at all. So far, not so good. All of my classmates are experienced painters so the lessons are not nearly as remedial as I need. I'm determined though so while I don't think learning in this class environment is going to work out, maybe a book from the library and/or some trial and error will.
Inaluxe via Absolutely Beautiful Things


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Don't be discouraged. I did the same thing years ago and felt very defeated in the class. There are some wonderful you tube videos for watercolors and I've learned a lot from just browsing through them. I don't do well learning painting techniques from books other than getting down the do's and don'ts. I need to see it and do it. It's all trial and error anyway and you should just concentrate on having fun with it for now and enjoying the luscious colors. Good luck!

Karyn said...

Thanks, Loretta. One of the reasons that it's so hard for me is because I'm so very impatient. As soon as I decide that I want to learn a new skill, I want to be able to just go and do it. That learning part really slows me down!

Marisa said...

Keep trying! Sometimes thingsseem overwheming and then suddenly its like a light gets turned on and AHA!