Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Often times, the cushions of a leather couch wear out long before the frame shows significant signs of aging. Here's a great solution, cover the cushions in an alternate fabric. This option not only prolongs the life of the couch, but it really looks great without any big expense.


Zesty Nest said...

I actually did this to my red leather sofa after seeing the same idea in a Pottery Barn book. I took a cheap quilt from Wal-mart, laid it on the floor inside out with cushions on top, traced the outline leaving room on the sides, and sewed it up! Then I flipped it inside out, stuffed the cushions in, and sealed it up with industrial strength velcro. So far it's worked out beautifully!

compulsively compiled said...

Using a quilt is even better than plain old fabric. What a good idea! I have a friend who is thinking about taking this approach, I can't wait to tell her.