Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Personal

Today was my last chemo treatment! I don't have lots of profound words to say about it. I'm still working out all of my thoughts and feelings on the subject and imagine I will be for awhile. I don't really know what comes next. I'm not going to worry about it. Here's what I do know, cancer sucks. Friends and family and people loving you doesn't, that's the exact opposite. Thanks blog friends, for your part in all of this. You've been real in a virtual (and vulnerable) part of my world and that's kind of amazing.
Modish Vintage


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! Wishing you all good things. Sorry I was a bit 'picky' the other day... my past life as a proofreader got the best of me.

compulsively compiled said...

Anonymous, I thank you for being 'picky', I only wish I had those proofreading skills.

mb said...

Good luck with your last chemo. Yeah.

Walk forward.

mb from Dallas

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Very best wishes. I hope it will all be behind you now. Cross my fingers. Really hard.

Terry said...

May you find joy in each day. May you take good care of yourself - because you deserve it.

We your readers enjoy what you give us. Thank you for being you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations.....may you have only good things in your life from now on!